The 2010 Academy Awards

March 8, 2010

First Off – CONGRATULATIONS SANDRA BULLOCK for winning Best Female Lead Role for the 2010 Academy Awards! That acceptance speech she made was just so funny.

Moving on to the fun parts:

Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson) is just plain AWESOME! I ❤ that he opened the 2010 Academy Awards. He is so talented with acting, singing, and dancing. I wish my arm was the one linked to his instead of one of those girls. I'd love to do a duet with him and even though he's gay, he is my fun Hollywood crush. I ❤ You Neil Patrick Harris!

Cameron Diaz : She looked great last night with her gold dress and her hair down. Her dress seems light and easy to maneuver in. She looks effortless. Grade: A+

Sandra Bullock : Congratulations for Best Leading Female Actress. The Blind Side was a great movie. Her dress is greatly elegant, detailed, and age appropriate. If I wore it, I'd have to suck in my gut the whole night. Grade: A+

Jennifer Lopez : What can I say about this woman? She is just plain beautiful - so beautiful that when she was presenting an award last night, her presenting partner at the stage, Sam Worthington, could not keep his eyes off of her. I adore her whole look. She is always stunning and radiant wherever she goes. Grade: A

Demi Moore : What a romantic gown! I loved how this gown flows from the layered bodice to bigger layered effect at the bottom. This dress would be beautiful as a wedding gown. I so want to wear it. Grade: A+

Penelope Cruz : Not a big fan of her dress. It seemed so bulky and heavy that I felt so bad for her walking around pulling, tugging, and carrying the big mess that trailed behind her. The bust wasn't a great fit either. It seemed like it shifted all the time. It was distracting. Grade: C

Kate Winslet : Very toned down for an incredible actress who won 2009's female leading role. What I love about her is that she's not self absorbed. She is such a classy lady and she's one of the few actresses I respect. Grade: B

Kristen Stewart : Not my favorite actress since I'm not a Twilight fan, but she looked good with this dark gown. She needs to work on her posture though since she looks uncomfortable when she's glammed up. Grade: B

Sarah Jessica Parker : EEeeek!!! I don't care that her dress is a Chanel Haute Couture calibre, it reaked of a wrapped around towel with bedazzeled bead cutouts. Just disgusting. I cant believe she was considered well dressed. Her hair was also out of control. She needed to hair spray those fly aways down like crazy. Grade: F

Miley Cyrus : Loved this dress and the color. A bit plain but it has umph. I adore it. Her makeup is quite stunning as well - very well put together. It's light, fun, and breathable. Grade: A+

Zoe Saldana : Such a talented actress, such a disgusting dress. Like Penelope Cruz, her dress looked heavy and a just a burden. Grade: F

Rachel McAdams : I love this grown! It screams - spring is coming soon so smile! You cant help but love its print, bodice weaving, and its romantic design. Grade: A+

Carey Mulligan : Um, not only could I not stand this whole ensemble, but her hair is so irrelevant to the whole look. This is the most random look, like 1994, of the night full of dissonance and unanswered questions. Not good in my book. Grade: F

Anna Kendrick & Sigourney Weaver : Not a shabby dress for Anna. Sigourney is just awesome! Her dress is so age appropriate and can we just say that she looks fabulous for her age?

Kelly Osbourne & others: Kelly has improved so much that she earns R for respect in my book. I'm not sure about her newly dyed hair but she looks great in that gown. I'm not too keen about the feather-like bottom though.

Ryan Reynolds & Brad Cooper : Smack me in the middle of those two and I will forever be floating in cloud 9. Please include Chris Pine in the mix next time.

Hillary Swank : What happened to her? How in the world did she get so waif like? Girl needs to eat and tone her muscles to get some meat in her.

Oprah Winfrey & Gabourey Sidibe : Oprah presented the nominated Gabourey for Best Leading Actress Award. Even though the award went to Sandra, congratulations to Gabourey for making it in the same category of legends such as Meryl Streep.

Meryl and Amy - aka - Julia & Julie : I love Meryl. She is just damn talented. It's not enough to describe her as talented, but the word "DAMN" has to precede it. She is Sandra Bullock's lover. lol. Amy Adams looks pretty good as well. Congrats future Mama Amy!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Rachel McAdams : What a lovely pair. I'm sure everyone who saw these two paired together secretly wished that they'd take the partnership to the next level. Rumor has it that these two had a lengthy conversation after the show. Perhaps the first stages of getting to know one another?

George Clooney : SMUG!!! I so could not stand this egotistic, self-absorbed actor even though the rest of America thinks he's the hottest man alive. Everyone was laughing at the jokes at the Globes and he sat there with a serious face. Talk about no personality. Um... no, sorry... you're too conceited and you're not as hot as you think. So not dreamy...

Ben Stiller : What a bold statement! I ❤ that he did this. Too bad Avatar didn't win as many awards as it deserves. What is wrong with the Academy?

Christopher Pine : I watched Star Trek like 1 million times and still could not get sick of looking at Chris Pine. His lips are just soooo ... juicy. 😉

Nicole Richie : At this angle, her makeup looks great.


The Evolution of Kate Gosselin

March 6, 2010

I gotta hand it to Kate Gosselin, she is one super woman. If I had to raise as many kids as she has, I’d seriously go in some kind of nervous breakdown every minute of the day and probably let myself turn frumpy – not to mention having a douche of an ex-husband to add on top of the madness.

She no longer looks like that rough neck mommy with wild and crazy spiky (fashion don’t) hair – but she has transformed into a classy, glamorous, respectable mom. Who in the world is her colorist? I need to book an appointment ASAP!!!

This is a great example of how to improve upon oneself.

March 2010 Wish List

March 4, 2010

  1. Kenneth Cole New York sand cotton-poly douyble breasted trench coat
  3. Gucci Trolley 21″ Travel Luggage
  4. Pink Palm Tree Silk Scarf, Givenchy
  5. M·A·C ‘Spring Color Forecast’ Nail Lacquer – What’s New
  6. Laura Mercier Lip Glace Pink Diamond

Nails, Nails, Nails

March 4, 2010

Back in my college years, a womanizer told me that he chooses his potential girl friend by meticulously examing her finger nails. Apparently, one can see into the life of another by looking at their finger nails.

He asked questions such as:

  • Are they clean? Are they neat?
  • Is there dirt underneath their nails?
  • Are their nails cracking?
  • Are they even?
  • Are they polished?
  • Are their cuticles dry, cracking, or disgusting?
  • Do they have hang nails?
  • Did they let go of their nails and what remains are chipped polish?
  • Do her toes look great when wearing open toed shoes?

Answering these questions allowed him to find out if the girl is a slob, career oriented, fashionista, health nut, and or if she will maintain with her figure months after the beginning of the relationship – and beyond. He was a shallow human being who based his first impressions by her finger tips – but he is correct – for most of the time.

But beyond the image of the nails, I believe it is important to maintain the nails – to make it decent looking. There’s absolutely one thing on my “annoying” list, that is chipped nailpolish on fingers… drives me INSANE.

Anyway, below are my Nail Accessories Must Haves (in addition to the obvious must haves):

Sephora: Healing Eucalyptus Cuticle Oil

A eucalyptus cuticle oil pen. I apply it to my cuticles and fingernails twice a day: morning, and before bed. It has an oily residue like most cuticle oil pens, but just apply on some lotion, and you’re all set. You can also get it in the original scent or the lavender. Another excellent cuticle pen is Sally Hansen’s, Cuticle & Nail Moisture Treatment. The only difference is that it’s not scented, and the consistency of the oil is a lot thinner than Sephora’s brand.

Nail Scoop Cleaner

Sephora used to carry this tool but it got discontinued for some unknown reason – even though it received great reviews. Perhaps people weren’t buying it. Nonetheless, I found a similar Nail Scoop Cleaner online.

To clean under my nails, I usually used the corner of some folded paper, pen caps, butter knife, and etc. The Nail Scoop Cleaner definitely gets the gunk under your nails. In my book, it’s rpetty brilliant.

Sally Hansen : Insta-Dri Speed Dry Drops

This awesome Oil is amazing! It’s a bit oily but the warpspeed in nailpolish drying pays off . Apply a few drops on wet nails, let it sit for a good solid minute, then wash hands gently. It doesn’t fully dry the nails, but it hardens the top layer good enough that when you apply lotion after washing your hands, it doesn’t mess it up. Nonetheless, as much as possible, try to prevent yourself from dinging your hands.

White Nail Pencil (Any Brand will work)

Going for the natural look? Make your  nails look nice and clean by coating your under nails with any White Pencil for Nails. It’s a nice clean, flawless look for the girl who doesn’t have time to tame their unruly fingernails. A definite must have in your nail care collection.

Make Up Review | Make Up For Ever

February 27, 2010

Make Up Forever’s Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

This product is a thick liquid Eyebrow Corrector. It received several poor reviews since it’s a little intimidating for the average makeup user to apply. I, however, LOVE it. I have the No. 3 Shade: Dark Ash Brown.

You’ll need any thin angled brush to apply this product to your eyebrows.


  • Will keep your unruly eyebrows tamed. It double acts as a gel to keep your eyebrows in place.
  • The application is precise giving you finely shaped brows.
  • You can control the boldness from light to extremely bold.
  • Goes on smooth
  • Stays longer than a powder
  • A little will go a long way


  • It’s not exactly waterproof. It will smudge like any other eyebrow corrector if you rub your brows. But who does that?
  • Needs an angled brush for proper application.
  • You’ll need to practice to get your ideal look.
  • Cholas will love this product.

Aldo Finds

February 13, 2010

The last time I shopped at an Aldo shoes store was back in Y1K99 before I headed to a college town that lacked similar stores from Boston, Massachusetts. Nonetheless, the shopping possibilities of Y2K10 is versatile because of the magic of the internet.

Was browsing today and came across some great affordable finds:

LUST | Balenciaga: The First | $1,500 (on sale)
MUST | Aldo: Narquist | $40

Other Stuff I thought looked great (click picture for more details):

* Remember, the time to splurge ($>500)
on a handbag is when it will never go out of style *

Before & After | Kelly Osbourne

February 12, 2010

How great does Kelly Osbourne look? She was photographed last night during a fashion event at the New York Fashion Week 2010. From The Osbourne’s, to the musical Chicago, to rehab, to Dancing With The Stars, Kelly has never looked so good. Her haircut and her shade of blond becomes her. She has come a long way, not only physically, but she has also matured. Beautiful! Congratulations on the weight loss Kelly! It’s not an easy thing to do – but you look fierce!! 🙂