Alternative Uses: Contact Lense Case

When I was a freshman in college,  I couldn’t believe how many people wore contact lenses (including myself). We, as students, lived two identities: the cool, savvy, contact-wearing co-ed by day, and then the intelligent, serious, eye-glass wearing students by night burning that midnight oil. Since my freshman year took place in the late 90’s, eye wear was not exactly fashionable, similar to the eye wear these ladies wore in this funny Diet Coke commercial circa 1994. The sad thing is that I remember watching the commercial play on TV and thought nothing bad of the fashion sense. lol.

Nonetheless, most of us (who wear contact lenses) throw away our old contact cases… but DON’T THROW THOSE JEMS AWAY!! Below are alternative uses for old contact lens cases (wash thoroughly before using).

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion Container

Those of us who use UD’s Primer Potion know that even when it seems empty, it really isn’t – so we depot it to another container. Here are two useful methods in videos form on how to depot UD Primer Potion: Cutting method, Microwave method.

* Although it’s not recommended to store the Primer Potion in a plastic container (since it will dry up), it can be stored in a contact lens container for temporary purposes. I’ve given a friend a sample of the primer through the use of my old, sanitized contact lens case. It didn’t dry up as quick as other plastic containers.

2. Pressing Mac Pigments

When you can’t afford to buy makeup pans for pressing pigments, you can either make your own pan, or use old contact lens case to press pigments. If you decide to press pigments in your contact lens case, the key is not to make it thick. If it’s too thick, the pressed powder will not dry as well.

*Size of coins for pressing vary depending on the size of your contact case.

3. Storing Lotion

As much as I love big handbags, there are occasions when a small clutch is desired: evening out, social events, etc. But even some trial size lotions wont fit in your petite bag, and if it does, it’s not your brand of lotion. There’s a solution for that.

If you are like me who can’t live a few hours without dry hands, then make use of the small space in your bag and store some lotion inside a contact lens case. Simple!

4. Store Your Pills: Vitamins, Medications, etc.

No need to buy those bulky vitamin organizers from the pharmacy. Storing your daily pills in a contact lens container will not only save you money, but also space in your purse. My vitamins fit in perfectly.

* This idea is great for those who take weight loss pills. Put the morning pill in the right side of the container, then the afternoon pill in the left side of the container.

5. Lipstick/Lip Gloss Container

Don’t throw away your favorite shade of lipstick when you think you’ve used it all up! It’s time to dig in to the base of that lipstick and depot it to your sanitized contact lens case.

You can also mix different shades and make a new color concoction of your own. Here’s a video of How to Mix Your Own Shades of Lipstick.

6. Storage / Clean Individual Lashes

I prefer to use individual faux lashes instead of the regular ones. Although these individual lashes take a lot longer to apply to the lash line, in my opinion, it looks more natural and the control placement is better. If I feel artsy, I’ll probably use one of those funky fresh eyelashes by Make Up Forever.

Old contact lens cases can be used to either store these individual lashes or used to soak and clean them neatly. I found that soaking to clean the regular lashes work just as well.

7. Ear Bud Protector

A member of came up with using contact lens case as ear bud protectors. It’s an insightful and creative idea.

“You simply cut away enough material from the side of the case to accommodate the stem of the ear bud when the cap is screwed back on. You can cut away the plastic to make a perfectly sized slot for your particular style of ear buds.” –

Click here for the instructions of this project.

8. Condiment Storage

Trying to save money by bringing food to work? Usually when I did this, I brought sandwiches and it pissed me off that I had to find a container just for condiments (the containers ended up being to big and bulky). I thought about taking extra packets from fast food joints but after a while, it made me feel guilty. So the next best solution is to fill my old sanitized contact lens case with my favorite condiments. What’s good about this is that it’s pretty much measured so I didn’t overdo the mayonnaise that I absolutely love.

9. Mouthwash

I actually got this idea from, Jennifer Budd, a radio announcer from NY/NJ. It’s quite a brilliant idea and have done it a few times myself.

Budd states, “Never be caught in public with bad breath again! You can fit almost an ounce of mouthwash in the compartments of a contact lens storage case. The only other thing you need to do is get to a bathroom for the official rinse and spit.”

10. Storage for Small Items

Whether it be ear plugs, little craft items, bobbles, beads, etc. it’s a solid container.

This is great for storing small jewelry for vacations: earrings, rings, pendants. Never lose or damage them again!

I’m sure there are a gazillion other uses for contact lens cases. Share your ideas by commenting! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂


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